Bar brooch bidding bonanza

there was a bar brooch bidding bonanza at Clare Auction on 14th March 2015Maybe it was mother’s day looming that sparked the bidders on this elegant piece of jewellery, sending the price to £70

Bidders grapple with large chest

Bidders grappled with this large chest on chest at Clare Auction on 14th March 2015this beautifully crafted and handsome piece of furniture found a new home for £250 after some strong bidding in the room

Eagle eyed spot a treat in this treen

Only the eagle eyed sported the treat in this boxed of treen at Clare Auction on 14th March 2015A flurry of commission bids before the sale meant the lot was on sale from the start. The winning bidder spotted the treat and walked away with it for £260

Deco Silver tea set serves up a surprise

This Art Deco Silver tea set sold at show at Clare Auction on 14th March 2015Bidders in the room fell silent as two telephone bidders fought tool and nail in a tense exchange of bids. The winning bidder is delighted to own this beautiful piece of craftsmanship for £1650

Beatrix Potter figures steal the show

These Beatrix Potter Figures stole the show at Clare Auction on 14th February 2015Telephone bidders were left on the sidelines as an epic bidding war broke out in the auction room for each of the three lots of figures. The final tally of £950 left the vendor speechless

Historic Patek Philippe with a modern twist

This historic Patek Philippe pocket watch, which had been tastefully converted to a wrist watch, caused a real stir at Clare Auction on 14th February 2015. The winner, a regular buyer of clocks and watches, was delighted to buy such an interesting lot at £1,150