Things to do in Clare

Despite the fact that Clare is known to be Suffolk's smallest town, we are still delighted to have won the 'Suffolk Village of the Year' award, twice in recent years. In part this is due to the unique history of Clare and the way in which buildings have been adapted over the years to ensure they remain useful to the bustling commercial interests of the town.

Clare is often overlooked by those on the tourist trail, who often end up in nearby Lavenham where they see perfectly preserved time capsule of historic buildings. Yet Clare is steeped in a history that tells the passage of time, how people have adapted and how lives have changed.

The keen eyed will be rewarded when, for example, they admire the symmetrical Georgian architecture and are suddenly struck by the mismatching Tudor chimney that gives a clue to the wealth of an owner who would change the appearance of a building to fulfill a fashionable whim.

From the Iron Age fort to the Norman castle and the priory of Augustinian friars, the history of Clare is fascinating and it can all be found in the Clare Ancient House Museum which is, in itself an amazing building.

Here are some places to see and things to do in Clare.

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